I Think I Might Have Poisoned Myself A Little Bit

Sometimes I am a first-class idiot. Case in point: yesterday I was cleaning my house, and noticed some bugs. Now, I’m generally a peaceful kind of person, but it wouldn’t be a huge stretch of the imagination to say I’m a bit more obsessive than your average girl about my house being quite clean. So, I decided to whip out the Raid and have a bit of a bug-killing fest. I sprayed it everywhere, and then I opened all the windows like you’re supposed to. But then later on I wanted to go to bed. Naturally I’d sprayed the bedroom the most, it being somewhere that really has to be clean all the time, so it still smelled pretty awful. I closed the window. Put my cup of water on the table. Got into bed. About an hour and a half later, took a drink. It tasted funny. Then my tongue felt strange. It still does, actually. After a while I moved into the (better-ventilated) living room and poured myself a new (unpoisoned) drink of water, and that was better.

When I’m not being a total moron, however, I’m quite busy. Yesterday was largely spent updating my screensaver (which is famously awesome), and watching Game of Thrones at my client’s exhortation. It’s very good. I’m only on Series 1, though, so no spoilers please.

Today I burned an EP for someone, which I’ll stick in the post later; you can buy it here. And here’s a sample track for you:


I spent the rest of the morning emailing potential clients, attempting to sell myself convincingly. Hopefully they’ll realise I’m a pretty good investigator, even if I can’t poison insects without simultaneously poisoning myself.

Then an email dropped into my inbox from the head of my research team; six years into the Pilgrimage Project, we’re finally publishing everything and wrapping up all the loose ends. I’m particularly excited about the paper we’re working on at the moment, because I’m second author rather than just an “al”. And, of course, because it’s massively interesting.

The phone rang just as I was working out a new song (quite folky, it begins “Far away, in the place where the wolves lie, is a home for me”). I picked it up. New investigation case. I like those.

Shortly after that, I placed an order for the next few book pre-releases that’ll be featured on the other Bohemiacademia; seven summer reads are currently winging their way through the UK postal system and will shortly be arriving at my door.

Speaking of doors, I just got off the phone to the managing agent. They’re supposed to be making some changes to my house. The conversation went like this:

Me: “Hi, I’m calling about the work on the flat I’m living in. It’s number 56…”
Estate Agent Dude: “56, what road? Oh, wait, are you Snake Woman?”
Me: “Um… yes…”
Estate Agent Dude: “Awesome! I’ll transfer you straight away!”

…which is possibly the weirdest reason anyone has ever been pushed to the front of a queue.

In a couple of hours I’m heading to the launch of The Horror Show, a new VOD service which launches publicly tomorrow. That should be fun.

And that, people, is how I fit in being an academic researcher, private investigator, journalist, singer-songwriter, business consultant and snake owner all in one day.

P.S. I just chopped some vegetables and found a pepper who really didn’t want to die:

You’re welcome.

Scar // scar

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